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T-O-W-N N-E-W-S  
Adult-Duplicate Bridge  
Aquatic-Aqua Jets Swim Team  
Aquatic-Pool Memberships  
Aquatic-Swim Lessons  
Camps-Counselor in Training Program  
Camps-Fabulous Fridays  
Camps-Kids Camp  
Camps-Kindergarten Outdoor Center  
Camps-Mini Camps  
Camps-Play Pals  
Camps-Preschool Outdoor Center  
Camps-Sports Camps  
Camps-Teen Travel  
Baton- Preschool & UP  
Dance Classes- Preschool through Grade 6  
Dance -Adult Dance Classes  
Fitness Classes-Body Blaster  
Fitness Classes-CrossTraining  
Fitness Classes-FitPass Program  
Fitness Classes-Shape Up  
Fitness Classes-Splashercize  
Fitness Classes-Step Fitness  
Fitness Classes-Yoga  
Fitness Classes-Zumba  
Preschool Programs-Community Kids Preschool  
Preschool Programs-Dance & Baton Classes  
Preschool Programs-Preschool Enrichment Programs  
Facilty Usage & Rentals-Senior/Community Center  
Facilty Usage -Sports Fields  
Senior Adults-Duplicate Bridge  
Senior Adults-Knitting Group  
Senior Adults-Listen to the Children  
Senior Adults-Oak Leaf  
Senior Adults-Old Guard  
Senior Adults-Senior Fitness  
Senior Adults-Senior Transportation  
Senior Adults-Thursday Seniors  
Special Populations-Adaptive Recreation Program  
Special Populations-Special Adults  
Sports - Adults-Badminton Open Play  
Sports - Adults-Basketball - Men's League  
Sports - Adults-Basketball - Men's Open Play  
Sports - Adults-Basketball - Women's Open Play  
Sports - Adults-Softball - Men's League  
Sports - Adults-Softball - Men's Over 35 League  
Sports - Adults-Softball - Women's League  
Sports - Adults-Softball - Women's Over 35 League  
Sports - Adults-Table Tennis Open Play  
Sports - Adults-Tennis Lessons  
Sports - Adults-Volleyball - Men's League  
Sports - Adults-Volleyball - Wms - Green Streaks  
Sports - Adults-Volleyball - Womens League  
Sports - Youth-Basketball - Boys/Girls In-Town  
Sports - Youth-Basketball - Boys/Girls Travel  
Sports - Youth-Bowling  
Sports - Youth-Soccer - Kiddie Soccer  
Sports - Youth-Sports Camps  
Sports - Youth-Swim Team  
Sports - Youth-Tennis Lessons  
Sports - Youth-Track  
Sports - Youth-Volleyball Clinic - Boys/Girls  
Sports - Youth-Wrestling  
We live in BURNET HILL School District area
We live in COLLINS School District area
We live in HARRISON School District area
We live in HILLSIDE School District area
We live in MT PLEASANT School District area
We live in RIKER HILL School District area
Township Committees and Volunteer Opportunities
School Break Activities  
Recycling and Living Green

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